Dalewood - Theo & Oskar

July 2019

In-Ex Landscapes are sometimes approached to donate and lend its expertise to help others, while it is impossible to assist with all enquiries occasionally a special project comes along that is of particular interest and where we feel we can really make an impact and improve the lives of individuals and their families.

Project Dalewood is a very special project which was presented to us by our long-term client Ballymore. In-Ex Landscapes have been fortunate enough to work with Ballymore on various commercial developments over the past 25 years winning acclaim across the industry for the quality and visual impact implemented in the surrounding landscapes.

Project Dalewood was an opportunity to improve the lives of 2 young boys and their family’s environment and something that In-Ex Landscapes were proud to represent and be a part of.

Theo (5) & Oskar (3) were diagnosed in 2014 with Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is an incurable, progressive muscle wasting and life limiting disease. The condition will gradually see them becoming less and less mobile and unable to carry out the simplest tasks.

The mission was to create “a magical home with a wonderful garden that will nurture the boy’s hearts and spirits”

In-Ex Landscapes were determined to donate not only the finest products available but deliver all finishes to the exacting standards that we have become known for.

Works were complete in July 2019 and the Taussig family, Ballymore and In-Ex are all delighted with the finish and extension of the open plan home environment into the landscape.

In-Ex Landscapes register as a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme

April 2019

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a not-for-profit, independent organisation founded in 1997 by the construction industry to improve its image.

Construction sites, companies and suppliers voluntarily register with the Scheme and agree to abide by the Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.

The Scheme is concerned about any area of construction activity that may have a direct or indirect impact on the image of the industry as a whole.

The main areas of concern fall into three categories: the general public, the workforce and the environment In-Ex Landscapes are proud to be a registered member and present a positive image of competent management, efficiency, awareness of environmental issues and above all neighbourliness.

This is not only a positive advertisement for our company but for the construction industry as a whole.

Wood Wharf – Hard Landscaping Contract Award

February 2019

Canary Wharf’s new district, Wood Wharf, has been designed to provide a new residential led, mixed use, waterside community defined by the quality of its public spaces, the diversity of its land uses and activities, and its exemplary architecture.

Providing over 3,300 new homes, nearly 2 million sq ft of high quality commercial office space, and a further 490,000 sq ft of shops, restaurants and community uses.

The development will broaden and extend the Canary Wharf Estate, adding to its vibrancy and continually expanding its cultural, community and commercial aspects.

The site represents one of central Londons’ largest privately owned development sites extending to 23 acres and is recognized as being of major importance on a local, national and international level.